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Tracker Marine Sales subscribes to the dealer certification standards established jointly by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA). These standards were set to insure that your boating experience is as enjoyable as possible, and that our dealership is doing everything possible to continue to earn your business. Among the standards our dealership meets is adhering to a Consumer Bill of Rights. You should expect us to meet all these criteria in your interactions with us. We would appreciate it if you would let us know should we fail to live up to any of these commitments and feel empowered to ask questions if you do not understand information provided to you. Our goal is to satisfy your boating needs, including, providing you with the opportunity to address issues you may have with our products or services in a timely fashion.

You have the right to:


• The assistance of a capable and knowledgeable sales consultant
• Expect that all advertising and representations are truthful and factual
• Full disclosure of all detail, in writing, associated with a purchase
• Explanation of proper usage and operation of products
• Products properly prepared, inspected and tested before delivery
• Delivery of new products as scheduled
• Explanation of all maintenance requirements and schedules established for your product
• Explanation and written copies of warranties on all products and major components


• Explanation of maintenance/repair plans including estimated repair time and cost
• Itemized list of all charges (both warranty and retail) with thorough explanation
• Prior approval of changes in repair costs or additional charges should they occur
• Maintenance/repair work done right the first time by knowledgeable trained technicians
• Maintenance/repair work completed when promised
• Timely notice of changes in service delivery time if delays are experienced in repair completion
• Inspect replaced/damaged components upon presentation of the invoice/work order


• Fair, open and honest treatment without discrimination
• Respectful, professional and accurate response to all product questions and requests
• Privacy and confidentiality of customer records
• Voice any concerns, directly with our management team, if we fail to fulfill our commitments or meet your expectations

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