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Congratulations to Ben, Blake, Al, Ashley, Ryan and Jim from our Tracker Power Pros Service Dept. for scoring a perfect "10" in Customer satisfaction surveys for the month of June!

An amazing performance in both service boats and new boat deliveries!


   Striving to provide the best in customer service is a goal  our Tracker Team is dedicated to providing. It is with great pride that we are completing our first 5 Star Dealer Certification. Thanks to our entire team for rising to the task and achieving this important goal. 

 Congratulations to  our Tracker Marine sales team Lorie, Valerie, David,Tom,Bobby and our Power Pros service team Ashley, Ben, Blake,Al, Jim,Ryan,Craig, Brian and John for all their hard work!!!

  Team Tallahassee has just acheieved the number #1 customer service index approval rating year to date for the entire country! Their dedication to making sure each and every customer receives first class service for new boat purchases and regular service appointments.



5-Star Certified Boat Marine Dealership

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